Ozan from Turkey



Well ,i am an old client of Adinna,Ozan from Turkey,i visited her yesterday and she told me that she has her own forum and she asked me to write here in her guest book,and i do now.  Adinna has the most beautiful boobs i have ever seen, and the biggest.  and this was the reason i choosed her first time.The reason that i came back to visit her every time i was in Bucharest is that i had a great time with her,and of course for boobs.  Adinna is patient enough not to hurry me,because i am very "boobs sensitive" and i would cum fast if she woudn't take care of that and stop,take it slow,change position,everytime i say..oh and the anal sex was great too,in doggy style,she resisted a lot yesterday,but i have to say that my dick is normal size,not big at all. I wish i had enough money to visit her every day in the 3 days i stayed here,but this time my finances for entertainment was only 100 euro ,and Adinna acceped to receive me for 1 finish of total sex ,normally is 150 euro/hour for total sex and and last time i visited her before the time of yesterday i stayed for 1 hour and i visited her the next day too.  Adinna i promise when i will be back in bucharest in december i will visit you for 2 days ,1 hour each day.Kisses and plese don't forget to send to me theese photos of promissed me. Kisses allover your great boobs.





Imran A.



I know Adina since 2 years ago. Everytime i come to bucharest i vist her.I choosed her because of the boobs and services-bareback sex. It's hard to find an escort that offer sex withought condome,i reffear at normal sex. I like her body so smells so good and the boobs are awesome. 1 hour have 60 minutes,and i allways do 2 times finish,i "explode" so fast when i feel that hot pussy.  Price not so big for so good services -200 euro/1 hour.